Artist book, H 19 cm / W 24 cm / 378 g


Each book is unique due to its perforated design. Colorprint of artistic works from 2004-2020, with essays from austrian author and curator Günther Oberhollenzer and humanist Dr. Anna Spohn.



Translated into English by Claire Rot.



ISBN: 978-3-200-07429-3


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“Art to me means involvement, process, understanding and sometimes struggle”, Mörth points out. She is an artist who knows her media and her craft, someone who is not content with the status quo but always pushes the envelope regarding depiction and material. She is a sculptor who works through body, skin, and environment, through the inside and outside and who has found the cocoon to be her strongest motif, a symbol of protection and transformation, but also of constriction and loneliness. She is a photographer, painter, and drawer, who, through layering and texture, melts different media in fascinating illuminated objects. This way, an oeuvre is created where much is to be discovered. Katharina Mörth is a passionate sculptor who forms up to life-sized sculptures from metal, wood and stone. The artist works intuitively. She understands her material and has developed over many years her own independent stylistic elements with anthropomorph and vegetative echoes.

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