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Welcome to my homepage! If you click the menu items “Sculptures”, “Photographs”, “Paintings”, and “Furniture Sculptures & Miscellaneous”, you can learn more about my work and get an idea of the symposiums I have taken part in over the last few years.
Have a look. And if you’re curious and would like to know more, feel free to contact me.


50 seconds about my work.


My metall Sculpture "Natural Grow" selected for the evaluation of the 5th Lih Pao Sculpture Award in Taiwan.

Many thanks to the Austrian Office in Taipei, for takeing over the transport!

ISBN: 978-3-200-07429-3 fORMAL iDENTITY

Interview during a symposium for sculptors at Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada, in French.

Art to me means examination, process, understanding, and sometimes struggle.

Katharina Mörth Kunst Auseinandersetzung Prozess  Sensibilität  Symposien hart zu arbeiten Druck begrenzte Zeit und den improvisiert Atelier