Acrylic on Window Glass
Description: “Hannes” is a steel structure formed like a cuboid. Inside the cuboid is a light
pillar that switches on in sequences. Painted window panes have been mounted on each
side of the structure. The paintings show a person displaying three different facial
expressions seen from four different angles. From the pillar inside, each expression with its
four perspectives is illuminated in turn.

Basic idea: Windows are mysterious parts of a façade, sometimes allowing a look inside the
house but never revealing all of it, just like humans like to hide behind a façade.

The steel structure with its mounted windows not only turns the paintings into a three-dimensional object but also symbolizes a social net of conventions.
To fully grasp the object, the viewer needs to walk around it. Humans have various qualities, good and bad.

Wouldn’t it be wise then to look at them from different angles to understand them?
The light pillar inside with its time-controlled sequences can be seen as the fourth dimension,
time itself, whose great influence on the human condition should always be taken into account.